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A passion for great medical care

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Reach your patients through their preferred channels

Soon after they receive care, your patients receive a link to the survey via text message or email, taking just a few minutes to submit feedback from any device.

This convenient and simple feedback process boosts response rates for your practice.

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Completing Patient Satisfaction Survey


We don’t believe that "one size fits all"

We differ from rigidly standardized surveys like that of the HCAHPS program, by offering customizable survey question-sets that are tailored to your practice’s specific needs and interests.

Your needs might be based on your practice’s medical specialty, or your organizational hierarchy or size.



We know you work diligently to keep your patient data secure, and so do we.

We retrieve only data that is essential for our process. Any data we do collect is encrypted while it is stored and transported, so you can be confident that your patient information is always secure.

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Doctor Texting


We take pride in our industry-specific expertise

We’re not one of those survey giants that create a general survey solution and package it to fit any industry.

Our survey solution is specific to the healthcare sector and is advised by industry experts at MSN Healthcare Solutions.

By not spreading ourselves thin, you can trust that you are partnering with a group of industry experts who are committed to your success.


Annual MIPS Submission to CMS

For MSN Registry clients, MIPS-related survey measure results are automatically uploaded to MSN’s QCDR.

If your specialty does not have specific survey MIPS measures, using ClearSurvey may qualify as an improvement activity to boost your practice’s MIPS composite score.

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About ClearSurvey

ClearSurvey offers an easy and inexpensive option for medical practices of all specialties to assess various areas of practice operations.

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How ClearSurvey Works?

ClearSurvey implements a simple system to gather valuable patient feedback.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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