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So, you are a medical practice or provider and you need surveys to see how you are doing to meet your patients’ satisfaction. Right? But one common problem is not getting the responses you need. 

Mail-in paper survey forms can be time-consuming and easy to dismiss. At the worst, they ultimately end up in the trash with the rest of the junk mail. At best, you receive feedback months later. 

So, what is the most efficient and responsive way to connect with your patients? 

ClearSurvey is a smart, quick, and engaging way to reach your patients right on their smartphones.  

Using ClearSurvey, your patients receive a survey link via SMS or email. They take just 10 seconds to submit their feedback and get back to what they were doing. 

More responses mean more data you can use to improve results. 

With ClearSurvey you will receive authentic feedback from your patients that can be used to help you increase your patient satisfaction. 

Get genuine, timely, and cost-effective patient feedback with ClearSurvey. 

Reach out today to get started!  Schedule a free demo with ClearSurvey.

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