NPS: What is a Net Promoter Score

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Net Promotor Score, or NPS, is a score to measure customer loyalty. The NPS was created in 2003 as a business tool to gauge the likelihood of customer referrals. Measuring NPS has become a standard across industries, including healthcare.   Of course, any practice would prefer loyal patients. However, carefully listening to unhappy patients can be […]

What is a Likert Scale?

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A Likert scale question is a closed-ended, ordered scale where respondents choose one option that best aligns with their views. Likert scale survey questions use preselected response choices that range from one extreme opinion to the other. Likert scale questions are often used to measure the attitudes of participants by asking to what extent they […]

What is a Good Survey Response Rate?

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Survey response rate is calculated by dividing the number of survey responses received by the total number of surveys sent within a timeframe.   Survey response rate can be an indicator of how successful your survey efforts are. The more responses you collect, the more data you have to evaluate and improve your services and processes.   […]

Survey Best Practices

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Administering surveys allows you to collect critical feedback from your patients. Even with follow-up appointments, it can be difficult to gain genuine feedback about the patient experience. Implementing survey best practices throughout your design will ensure you get the most informative and useful answers. 1. Know Your Purpose Before you begin developing your survey, be […]