What is a Likert Scale?

Likert scale

Learn how to use the 5-point Likert scale for close-ended questions to allow for degrees of opinion in patient satisfaction surveys.

What is a Good Survey Response Rate?

Good survey response rate blog image

Survey response rate can be an indicator of how successful your survey efforts are. Increasing your response rate to collect more data to improve your practice operations.

How ClearSurvey Works

how clearsurvey works

ClearSurvey is delivered via text message and email which allows patients to provide feedback directly from their smartphones. Easy access to the survey leads to higher engagement and real-time reporting enables practices to monitor and improve performance.

Intro to ClearSurvey

Introduction to ClearSurvey

ClearSurvey is a healthcare survey solution that offers an inexpensive and completely customizable option for medical practices to measure and improve patient satisfaction.