5 Tips for Mobile Friendly Surveys

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SMS is a great channel to distribute patient satisfaction surveys. An average of 31% of people will respond to a survey via SMS, which is five times higher than email. When people open a link to a web survey via SMS or text message, they will typically complete the survey in their smartphone web browser. Here are a variety of ways you can make sure your digital survey is optimized to take on a smartphone or tablet.  

1. Use Mostly Close-Ended Questions in Your Survey

Close-ended questions such as multiple-choice or 5-point Likert scale questions allow users to answer quickly, which a single click. If you have any open-ended questions that require the user to type out an answer, consider making them optional. 

2. Keep Your Survey Short and Purposeful 

Try to keep your survey under ten questions to avoid dropouts. Only ask your most important question and word them clearly and concisely. Read more about creating your survey with the ideal survey length. 

3. Limit the Number of Questions Per Page 

Consider asking only one or two questions at a time or on each page. Designing your survey this way can help your users focus on the individual question and prevent them from needing to scroll endlessly on their smartphone device. 

4. Keep Survey Formatting Simple 

Avoid using unnecessary images or icons that take up valuable space on a smaller screen. In the same spirit as the previous point, keeping your survey formatting simple can help users focus on the question being asked. They are already doing you a favor by taking your survey – don’t distract them! 

5. Test on a Variety of Smartphone Devices 

Last but not least, test your survey before distributing it to your target audience. With a variety of smartphone devices and mobile platforms out there, it is crucial to test that the survey format and function are compatible across devices. 

Mobile Friendly Surveys with ClearSurvey

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